Welcome to the GSA Short Course on Age-Depth Modeling of Sedimentary Deposits. This course had four sessions:

  1. A prep check-in on Sep 13, to make sure all relevant software on your computer is working
  2. On Sep 15 we discussed radiocarbon dating and calibration, and introduce how to make simple age-models
  3. On Sep 22 we looked at the theory and implementation of Bayesian age-depth models (mainly rbacon)
  4. Then finally on Sep 29 we looked at details of rbacon, introduced rplum Pb-210 age-modelling and looked at some age-models for cores from the participants.

All sessions took place at 9-11am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) on Zoom.

You will need to have a recent version of R installed for your operating system, at least version 4.1.1. If you want, you can also install RStudio. Note that the version numbering differs between R and Rstudio; most important is to have a recent version of R installed. Please install the following R packages, by typing or pasting the below command into the R terminal:

install.packages(c("IntCal", "clam", "rbacon", "coffee", "rplum"))

After these packages are installed, please try loading both and running clam and rbacon, so that we can be sure everything will work as expected during the sessions:


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